3 Factors to Effect on the Organic Silk Thread Exportation Widely

Organic silk threads are quality yarns that can be purchased in different markets and used in different fields when you go to buy them in the markets. Today, the export of these yarns has increased widely which are three factors affecting the increase in their exports, high quality, reasonable price and wide application. The use of these yarns has been common in the country since ancient times and has been exported to all parts of the world. Therefore, all applicants can contact the sales manager of this company for more information.

3 Factors to Effect on the Organic Silk Thread Exportation Widely

The 3 Features of Silk Thread That Make It Stand Out from the Rest

The 3 Features of Silk Thread That Make It Stand Out from the Rest There are different types of silk thread, the quality of which is very strong and shiny. Silk thread verieties have a shiny appearance and feel completely soft on the skin. Silk thread colours are very diverse and this has led to their popularity and widespread use. The following are three characteristics of silk yarn that distinguish it from others, which are:

  1. The most important feature of organic silk yarn is its very high gloss and radiance. In fact, it should not be opaque because it indicates that it is not natural. It has a very high flexibility and elasticity.
  2. Its colorability is very high and all kinds of vegetable and non-vegetable colors can be fixed on it. It has a very high resistance to pests and willows and does not rot. It is also very resistant to fire and fire.
  3. It has a very high strength and therefore is known as one of the most expensive yarns in the world. They have the same length and are used for carpet weaving. They are obtained through silkworm cocoons, which are raw and do not contain any chemicals or allergens.

3 Essential Points to Keep Organic Silk Thread of Damage

3 Essential Points to Keep Organic Silk Thread of Damage As you know, silk threads are used in the art of crocheting, guipure weaving, leather embroidery, various types of embroidery such as silk embroidery, Brazilian sewing in embroidery, etc. It should be noted that the appropriate size of these threads for embroidery is size 6 and 9. These yarns are considered to be among the most expensive yarns, which is why the grain has three essential points to protect these yarns from damage:

  1. Silk yarns have color stability and high abrasion resistance and do not get washed away by alluvium, but it is still better not to wash them with boiling water or hot water.
  2. Silk yarn is mostly used in Brazilian embroidery on satin, linen, velvet, etc. So when sewing, you must use a suitable needle so as not to damage the yarn. Suitable needles for sewing with this thread should have an open and vertical eye so that the thread can pass through them easily.
  3. The last point is that in order to maintain the silk thread quality, these yarns should not be placed in acidic and humid environments so that in addition to their quality, their color remains the same and does not change color.

Organic Silk Thread Verieties Distributors

Organic Silk Thread Verieties Distributors The price of high quality organic silk yarn is one of the most important factors that is important for many customers before buying. Knowing the prices brings a lot of help to the customers because they can compare the rates and choose any of them depending on their budget and income.

In the case of bulk purchases, prices can be greatly reduced and, in addition, the product can be available for a long time. Therefore, buying from distributors directly and without intermediaries has a high profit. The company has expert sales experts who have received prices from manufacturers in accordance with the latest changes and offer them to customers and consumers. This product has created costs during production, which together with the cost of raw materials is effective in the final price of the product. This product has a very good price and it is possible to buy it for everyone.

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