Great Sale of Silk Cocoon at the Best Price

Silk cocoon This wonderful product is made through the glands on the head of the silkworm Silk is so excellent and full of properties that it can be used in many different industries in many industries The main use of this product in Iran is for spinning Cotton that after preparation turns into beautiful and shiny fabrics or carpets with high strength.

Silk cocoons have many uses in various industries and have been very useful for health. With these interpretations, silkworm cocoons are very popular and in great demand, which are being sold in the market today at different prices compared to quality.

Great Sale of Silk Cocoon at the Best Price

Process of Producing Silk Cocoon at 4 Steps

Process of Producing Silk Cocoon at 4 Steps The silk moth cocoon is woven by secreting a substance from the larvae’s mouth and it takes about 25 days to form and the cocoon to reach the desired size. It is necessary to be careful in measuring the cocoons in order to prevent it from becoming a butterfly and to obtain high quality silk thread from it, therefore, this should be left to the experts who have established specialized centers related to the sale of silkworm cocoons.

To produce silk cocoon, we must first prepare silkworm eggs, which are mostly sold in our country in Gilan. After purchasing the eggs, we prepare the environment for this work, which is called silkworm breeding workshop or noghandari; We make shelves with a base in water and then put the purchased eggs in boxes containing mulberry leaves so that the eggs turn into worms and begin to weave cocoons by secreting a substance from a small hole in their mouth. This usually has to be done in the spring to get results, and that silkworm eggs are very sensitive to insects such as bees, ants and و and should not be present in the environment where they are kept. You can also make a profit by selling silkworm cocoons.

4 Main Usages of Silk Cocoon

4 Main Usages of Silk Cocoon The general use of silkworm cocoons can be categorized as follows:

1- In the military industry: This bulletproof vest, which is made by combining a silkworm cocoon with a special resin and then hydraulically compressed, is durable and lightweight. These bulletproof vests are 14 to 20 mm thick, weigh 2.5 to 4 km, and cost about one-third the price of regular vests. According to Joachung, the silk vest can also withstand repeated firing without being damaged. Researchers plan to continue producing the vest and design a version that can withstand the firing of automatic weapons such as the M16 assault rifle.

2- Textile Industry: Silk is known as the finest, strongest, most durable and brightest yarn in the world. And its main application is in the weaving of silk fabrics.

3- Medical industry: Silk is used in filters to purify the air. Use silk in advanced bandages to kill both bacteria and reduce the risk of inflammation. It can be used to strengthen bones such as platinum and metal, which of course has a high advantage over metal and platinum, which is also spontaneous absorption by the body.

4- Cosmetics industry and silk cocoons for beauty: Silk, despite having many nutrients for the skin, which is undeniable, has many uses in the cosmetics industry.

Other uses of this powerful product are in the pharmaceutical, medical, military, civil, architectural, and sculptural industries.

Silk Cocoon Exportation Widely

Silk Cocoon Exportation Widely There are many centers and workshops for silkworm breeding these days; In these centers, silkworm eggs are prepared and turned into worms in about 10 to 13 days, and this silkworm forms cocoons around itself. Sometimes these centers are enough to sell silkworm cocoons and leave the production of silk yarn to other workshops.

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