Premium Green Silk Thread Suppliers

Suppliers of premium green silk thread in Iran are many different and reputable stores and companies, these suppliers also supply this type of yarn in bulk. They also sell the product online in a variety of packages. Please for more information, contact with our company.

 Premium Green Silk Thread Suppliers

Using Silk Thread for Varieties Uses

Using Silk Thread for Varieties Uses silk sewing thread is one of the most expensive and beautiful yarns in the world that is used to sew silk fabrics. Silk fabric is also used in luxury and expensive clothes. The most important features of silk yarn are its white color, radiance, and its high resistance to rot, heat, and willow. Silkworms make strong proteins when they weave a cocoon called silk. First, silkworms are bred in the breeding industry and by silkworm breeding and maintenance centers so that female worms start laying eggs. The eggs are kept at the right temperature to reach the larval stage. These silkworms then begin to weave cocoons. The process of producing a silk cocoon for each cream takes about 3 days to a week. At the end of this stage, all the cocoons are placed in boiling water to prepare both the silk Knauf and the creams inside the cocoon. Then they are painted in different colors with dyeing equipment and using chemical dyes. After that, by spinning equipment in vital industries, during a process, these silks are turned into the quality and shiny yarn. Due to its white color, silk yarn absorbs all kinds of colors well and its dyeing process is easy. This yarn is very expensive due to its luster and durability as well as the production process. Silk yarn is used in various textures, including luxury fabrics, kilim weaving, crochet, rugs and carpets, and rugs. Silk yarn is used in the weaving of carpets and rugs, carpets, kilims, and luxurious fabrics. Silk yarn is also used in the arts of crochet, leather embroidery, guipure weaving, and various types of embroidery. Since silk yarn can not absorb heat, silk yarn is used to sew fabrics and winter clothes. Of course, silk thread is used to sew non-winter clothes.

3 Specific Features of Green Silk Thread Comparing to Others

3 Specific Features of Green Silk Thread Comparing to Others pure silk thread is famous for its softness, transparency, and beauty. There is no carpet weaver who denies his love and interest in this yarn. Although the beauty and charm of silk threads is one of the features that affect other features of these threads, other features of silk threads should not be neglected. Silk is a natural protein fiber. It goes without saying that these fibers are obtained from silkworm cocoons. Another exciting thing about silk is that silk is the strongest fabric in the world. Silk yarns have high color stability and high abrasion resistance. Also, products that are woven with silk thread do not suffer from alluvium after washing. No further explanation is needed about the luster of silk. Silk is the brightest yarn for carpet weaving. Other characteristics of silk include high strength and durability, good elasticity, resistance to willow and fire, and its white color. The white color of silk yarn allows dyeing this yarn with any color. Of course, all of these attractive features are costly. Silk yarns are one of the most expensive yarns. Silk fibers are very light and shiny and wear or wrinkle very late, and because they can not pass heat, they are generally used as raw materials for sewing fabrics and winter clothes. Of course, the point that should be mentioned here is that silk yarns can be used for summer and winter clothes due to their special features.

Sale of Green Silk Thread in Bulk

Sale of Green Silk Thread in Bulk sale of silk thread in bulk by many manufacturing companies, these companies supply silk yarn with excellent quality and reasonable prices to the market in bulk. Also, the bulk sales of some of these companies are done through internet sites.


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