Producing Thick Silk Thread at the Best Quality

At present, our country is one of the largest producers of thick silk thread, silk sewing thread, thick silk embroidery thread and every year it sends silk yarn to other countries in high tonnages. In fact, the country’s producers have been able to satisfy foreign customers. Manufacturers of thick silk thread are working hard today. Mansour puts excellent quality in the field of all customers, which has a wide variety of applications.

Producing Thick Silk Thread at the Best Quality

4 Amazing Ways to Make Silk Thread

4 Amazing Ways to Make Silk Thread What is silk yarn made of? There are currently many insects used to make silk thread, but the main one is called Bombyx mori. These silkworms can produce one of the most widely used materials in the textile industry with a host of excellent properties. stages of silk yarn production In this section, we want to explain the steps of silk yarn production to you step by step.

Silkworm breeding At this stage, the cocoons must be harvested to collect the materials needed to produce the silk thread. Female silk lays about 300 to 500 eggs at each spawning. These eggs eventually turn into silkworms that are kept in a controlled environment until they become larvae. At this stage, silkworms constantly feed on large amounts of mulberry leaves as an incentive to grow.

It takes about 6 weeks for these creams to reach their full potential. At this time the worms are about 3 inches long. At this time, they stop eating and get ready to close the cocoon. Attached to a secure frame or tree, the silkworm begins to weave the cocoon around itself by twisting the body. To do this, the silkworm must rotate about 300,000 times in an 8-English ring.

This process takes about 3 to 8 days. Each silkworm in this process can create a 100-meter-long silk thread that is held together by a natural gum called sericin. About 2,500 silkworms are needed to produce about 0.5 kg of raw silk yarn. Silk thread extraction: When the weaving of the cocoon by the silkworms is over, it is time to extract the raw silk thread.

To do this, the cocoons are placed in boiling water to soften and dissolve the gum that brought the cocoons closer together. This stage is one of the most vital stages of silk thread production. Because by doing this step, we ensure that the durability of the produced silk yarn is greatly increased. The yarns obtained from this process are then carefully tied into separate loops on a loop. Some sericin gum may still remain on the yarn. This is done to protect the silk fibers during processing. This material will eventually be washed with soap and boiling water.

3 Major Uses of Thick Silk Thread

3 Major Uses of Thick Silk Thread Silk is a natural fiber of protein. Needless to say, these fibers are obtained from silkworm cocoons. Another exciting thing about silk is that silk is the strongest fabric in the world. Silk yarns have high color fastness and high abrasion resistance. Also, products that are woven with silk yarn do not suffer from alluvium after washing. As for the luster of silk, no additional explanation is needed. Silk is the brightest yarn for carpet weaving.

Silk yarns are used in the weaving of carpets and rugs, carpets, kilims and luxury fabrics. Silk threads are also used in the arts of crochet, leather embroidery, guipure weaving and various types of embroidery. Since silk yarn can not absorb heat, silk yarns are used to sew fabrics and winter clothes. Of course, silk yarn is used to sew non-winter clothes. Appearance, strength and softness are not all that matters with silk yarn. Silk production officially means killing silkworms. Many carpet weavers and art producers may not be aware of this and, knowing this, change the yarn they want to weave their artwork.

Buying Thick Silk Thread from Shopping Center

Buying Thick Silk Thread from Shopping Center As you know, most stores today have a sales site. Our site sells silk cocoons, yarn and silk fabrics. People who want to buy can contact the sales consultant and order the desired amount after learning the silk thread price. To inquire about the silk thread price, you can refer to the manufacturing companies or agencies, but there is an easier way, which is to enter the reputable sales site, because the price is updated every day. Also, calling the company’s office is a good option. At the price, you will benefit from expert tips and advice.


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