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Finding pure silk thread online at a low cost is a process that has to be followed very carefully. A lot of online shops these days are selling silk thread in different countries. If you are the sort of one who is looking for pure silk, it would be rather difficult.

Silk thread is notable for its tiny diameter in addition to its high flexibility and strength. It is appropriate for use with silks and wools, and it allows for permanent stretching during stitching. The diameter of regular sewing silk is around one-eighth of an inch, but the diameter of a buttonhole twist is approximately three-eighths of an inch.

One way to identify the pure silk thread is to burn it. Burning only accounts for a  silk thread. If it catches fire and burns to ash when you bring it near, the silk is natural if the ash is black and smells like it has been burned with hair. On the other hand, after burning it leaves a white, soft, chalky grey and if it has a scent that is comparable to burning paper, then it is synthetic silk.


Copper sulfate may also be used to differentiate between genuine and imitation silk. Copper sulfate will dissolve natural silk fibers if it is poured on them; however, synthetic silk fibers will not react with copper sulfate and will stay in their natural state if it is poured on them.

But how to identify the pure silk thread when you purchase online?

One way is to ask the supplier to send you a sample, and then you can take it to the lab or examine it by yourself. But the best way is to find a trustful supplier. So you can trust us in this case.

silk thread pure

to reach for pure silk thread there are many steps. So before purchasing the silk thread make sure all these steps have been passed.


This is the procedure of collecting silkworms and cocoons. Female silk moths deposit 300-500 eggs at once. These eggs hatch into silkworm larvae, which are then incubated (caterpillars).

Silkworms eat mulberry leaves to develop. 6 weeks to reach full growth (about 3 inches). They’re ready to spin their cocoon when they stop feeding and lift their heads.

Attached to a frame or tree, the silkworm spins its silk cocoon 300,000 times in 3 to 8 days. Each silkworm creates one 100-meter-long thread of silk held together by sericin.

One pound of raw silk requires 2,500 silkworms.

Extracting threads

After the silkworms spin their cocoon, they wrap themselves in it and the silk strands are extracted.

Boiling water softens and dissolves the cocoon’s gum. This technique maintains the continuity of each silk thread.

silk thread pure

Each cocoon thread is meticulously reeled and coiled on a reel. Some sericin may remain on threads to preserve the fibres after processing, but it’s normally removed with soap and boiling water.

After being cleaned, degummed, and bleached, silk threads are dyed.

Traditional silk dyeing uses natural materials like fruit or indigo plant leaves. Bundled threads will be immersed in hot indigo leaves and water. This technique is repeated over days to guarantee colour tone and quality.

Traditional silk dyeing processes are almost obsolete in commercial production. Manufacturers use acid dyes or reactive dyes because of technological advances. This enables more colour options to meet demand.


The silk is put in a dye solution to absorb the colour. Silk is supplied into the bath using two cylinders or a circular jig. if the supplier assures you that silk threads have passed all these processes, you can make sure, you are going to have pure silk.

 pure silk thread jewellery

pure silk thread can be used in jewellery as well. For many centuries, jewellers have been using silk thread as a stringing medium for their creations. There is no other beading cord that comes close to matching the smoothness of pure silk.

Designs for jewellery that are fashioned with bead string that is entirely composed of silk drape attractively, and the cord itself may become a feature by being knotted in various ways. GoodyBeads.com is here to show you how easy and flexible this worthy stringing material can be, whether you’re wanting to construct a simple strand of beads or include knotted bead clusters in your designs.

silk thread pure


This is not the only use of silk thread. There are a variety of applications for silk thread in the commercial and industrial sectors. It is often used in the textile industry, particularly in the production of luxury shirts, undergarments, dresses, nightgowns, and robes.

Because silk is both durable and fine, the textile is made from silk drapes and hangs beautifully, making it an excellent choice for use in high-fashion clothes. Silk is also utilized for upholstery, window coverings, carpets, and beds when it is employed in interior decoration projects.

pure silk thread India

we can easily follow up on the pure silk thread history in India. The lives and culture of the Indians have been interwoven with silk. Silk manufacture and silk commerce in India date back to the 15th century and have a lengthy and intricate history. In rural and semi-urban parts of India, over 8.7 million people are employed in the sericulture sector.

A significant proportion of these employees, including women, are members of economically disadvantaged segments of society. India has attained a leadership position in the silk industry due to its traditional and culturally-bound home market as well as its astounding variety of silk outfits that represent its geographic location.

Mulberry silk, tropical Tasar silk, oak Tasar silk, eri silk, and MUGA silk are the five types of commercially produced silk, and India is the only country in the world that produces all of them. Muga silk, with its golden yellow glitter, is exclusive to India and is considered the country’s national treasure.

pure silk thread India


In India, there is a growing need for higher-quality silk thread, both for the country’s growing internal market and for the product of value-added silk goods destined for international trade. The Indian government’s Ministry of Textiles as well as the Departments of Sericulture in a number of the country’s states provide both financial and technical aid in order to increase the number of silk threads that are produced.

Silk thread is not just demanded in India. All over the world, there are many people looking for pure silk threads.  As It is used in the tailoring process as well as decorating in the fabric work industry. Craftspeople use it for the creation of delicate details in their work, like embroidered patterns on cloth, the stitching of heirlooms, and the production of jewellery. Embroidery work often calls for the use of silk thread.

pure silk thread market

where ever you live finding a pure silk thread market, can be challenging. When you go to the market ask the seller to show you the silk threads.

Do you know how to distinguish between pure silk thread and synthetic one?

Silkworms are responsible for the production of natural silk, whereas artificial silk is created by subjecting the worms’ cocoons to an excessive amount of heat throughout the production process. Although natural silk is more costly than artificial silk, the quality of natural silk much exceeds that of artificial silk.

Silkworms are responsible for the production of this substance, which is necessary for the extraction of silk. Additionally, the treatment of silkworms takes less effort in bulk.

pure silk thread market

Silk manufactured from natural silk will be the material that burns to give off the scent of burning paper since wool is likewise formed of proteins. Unfortunately, as is the case with anything priceless and exquisite, there is plenty of counterfeit silk threads available on the market that is promoted as genuine.

The good news is that there are a variety of straightforward methods available for distinguishing genuine silk from imitation. The texture of real silk is soft and silky, and it has a lustrous, brilliant sheen.

It has a nice drape, and a pleasant feel on the skin, and it draws moisture away from the air. These qualities will not be present in artificial silk. So you can find out if the silk thread is natural or not, just by your finger’s touch. These kinds of silk threads can be used in the production of a variety of items, including handkerchiefs, sarees, and other garments.

pure silk thread cost

 pure silk thread can cost you a lot.  You can visit the website and find out about the prices. But you have to the prices differ by the brand, material, country….

For example, esty site offered antique pure silk thread spools, blue silk thread, pink silk thread, and thread Spools Each for 12.00 Euros, while it sells vintage Gutterman pure silk for 20.00 Euros.

It has to be mentioned all pure silk products would cost you a lot. Silk is considered a luxurious fabric in the world of fashion. It is widely regarded as one of the finest fibers in the world. It is constructed out of the natural cocoon protein fibers that were spun by silkworms before they metamorphosed into moths.

Silk is extremely pricey because of its limited availability and the high production costs associated with it. To produce just one kilogram of silk requires more than 5,000 silkworms to spin the cocoons. Growing silkworms, killing them, and then harvesting their thousands of cocoons is a process that requires a lot of resources, a lot of labour, and a lot of money.

pure silk thread cost

Only 168,300 tonnes of raw silk are produced across the world every single year. Silk was manufactured in China at a rate of 126,000 tonnes in 2014, making it the world’s leading producer. India came in second with 23,700 tonnes, followed by Vietnam (6,800 tons).

Egg, larva, pupa, and adulthood are the four stages that silkworms must pass through in order to complete their metamorphosis in the wild, much like many other species of moths. The manufacture of silk fabric is quite sluggish. It has to go through several different production procedures, such as rearing hundreds of cocoons, spinning fibers, weaving fabric, bleaching, dying, and treatment. Because of this, the cost of silk is quite high.

pure silk thread buy online

There is always the possibility to buy silk thread online. Silk thread has always been in high demand.  But it’s not like you are all-time able to find pure silk easily. The primary component of natural silk thread is a sort of protein that is found in the bodies of silkworms.

Natural silk is a specific fiber that is used in the sewing and weaving of carpets, rugs, textiles, and clothing. During these unique procedures, this protein is first frozen and then transformed into silk threads. When silk is produced using processes other than natural silk production, the resulting fibers are referred to as artificial silk fibers rather than natural silk fibers.

pure silk thread buy online

Because of this, differentiating the two may be difficult at times, and it’s possible that average customers won’t be able to do so either. (Different kinds of silk thread and thread, distinguished by the fibers from which they are made) In this post, we will discuss some of how real silk may be differentiated from manufactured silk.

Touching and rubbing genuine silk is the most straightforward method for differentiating it from synthetic silk. The rubbing action of natural fibers generates heat, but the action of rubbing synthetic fibers does not generate heat. Therefore, give the fabric, the carpet, or any other object produced from these fibers a little rubbing with the palm of your hand.

There are other ways of identifying the pure silk thread. But they don’t work when you have to buy online. There is just one way to get the pure silk thread. You have to find a valid online shop. We can assure you in different ways to offer you the best pure silk thread. Just purchase without any worries about the material and cost.








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